Don’t Be Out of Sight and Out of Mind

The old adage goes- Out of site and out of mind. That’s especially true in today’s economy with customers.  Everyone is struggling, which means that when a competitor of a vendor that a customer usually uses, presents something at a lower cost – there is a greater chance that the customer will buy from the competitor.

Business is tough and unfortunately whenever times like these hit, the first thing that goes out the door is vendor loyalty. If a competitor of yours is there when you’re not and they have a comparable product, you might as will kiss that say goodbye. How do you combat that? Always be there.

While it’s physically impossible to be in front of a client all the time, it is possible to stay on top of their mind. How? Remind them you exist.While you may not always be able to be in front of them, you can send them things that are on a regular basis.

It’s not expensive but a planned giving program can help you stay in front of customers. Saying thank you goes a long way and sending things they may not get from competitors is a great way to ensure they remember you. From the Thanks A World Globe to our Sweet Success Candy program to Gift Baskets, the choices of staying in front of clients are varied – but they all work the same. They get you remembered and in the forefront of your clients minds.

Recently one of our customers ordered a  $50 basket for one of their firm’s bigger clients because they hadn’t heard anything from them in awhile. A week later they received a $3000 order. It absolutely works but you have to be willing to give a little to get some in return.  Not every client is worthy of a $50 basket but you need to stop and think, if I lose that client – what will it ultimately cost me?  You need to look not only at their spend with you, but at potential referral revenue they may give you.You may find out that $10, $20 or even $50 spent now can stop you from losing an extensive amount of revenue in the future.

Don’t be the company they forget and fall victim to the economy’s pressure. Stand out among your competitors and stay in the forefront of your client’s minds.